Racks and Cabinets

رک و کابینت

a Rack that the server or paraphernalia network switch , such as the router , modem and … and , depending on the Rack from the server, and to protect the ventilation and prevent physical injuries , including the impact and the pressure and better efficiency and the unit of measurement Rack ( Unit )that any units roughly equivalent to $ 5 cm . the size of the Racks, usually between 4 U – 47 U .

Racks are of two types : wall – standing

usually has a high wall Racks of 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 units , most switch to and from which is used.

usually standing Racks standard for data in the Center . in the Racks, all kinds of Pecs panels , switch , server, UPS and other parts Racks 19 – management together for easier , up and down from the entrance to a variety of Kabul and also of the four sides are open . The Racks could 16 , 21 , 28 , 36 , 40 and 44 units . and with depth of 60 , 80 , 100 cm and more . – – in the glass or frame considered . 1 4 to the possibility of technology in the Racks and has had only a technique by default . Power modules 8 Port and 9 Port horizontal inside the Racks and the ratio of height to which can be Power also vertical modules .

from different parts of the Racks have been formed to study in each :


to keep cool and proper ventilation domestic components of a number of art Racks in the roof and floor of the Racks are used

Power Module

is that a number of electrical plug on it in order to feed the domestic components of the Racks , and in particular switch server is installed .

Patch Panel

panel rectangular patch piece on it to a certain number of Port network , for example, 24 Port , 48 Port , etc. when the genocide in Kabul in any part of the building several socket the network that may now be idle and use them through to the grid but it should be possible to increase the socket when the user into the grid circuit . So experts in Kabul for solving the problem of Patch use all Kabul , i. e. the panel to the socket are connected at one point that the centre is making the Racks collecting them into the panel Patch and are numbering in any socket that they want to small with a cable network connected switches .

Rackmont case

Rackmont in the case is referred to as the 3 or 4 units with server capacity . This Cases with the 400 Watt Power , are locked – in and prevent the entry of dust into the case and are due to the design of the volume of her .


usually in any Racks of trays in order to separating various parts and putting some of the equipment such as or switch server Monitor on which is used. trays at two types of mobile and fixed supplied with Racks.

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رک و کابینت محفظه ای است که سرور یا متعلقات شبکه مانند سوییچ، روتر، مودم و … در آن قرار می گیرد
و با توجه به نوع رک هم از سرورمحافظت می كند
و هم جهت تهویه و جلو گیری از صدمات فیزیكی از جمله ضربه و فشار و كارایی بهتر سرور آن را در خود جای می دهد و واحد اندازه گيری رک يونيت (Unit) می باشد كه
هر يونيت تقریباً معادل 5 سانتی متر می باشد.
اندازه رک ها معمولاً بين 4U تا 47U می باشد.