Quality policy

Kian Sanat Iranian co. with the mission of buying and selling of battery cars and Yu PS in line with the policies and objectives set with the aim of attracting customers ‘ trust , improving the performance of service and gain success in the market , while the establishment of the quality management system , according to the ISO 9001 : 2008 and paying attention to the specific requirements , determined to achieve their goals has selected the following policies to carry the requirements and improve its continued :

1 – an increase of customers ‘ satisfaction with the speed and quality to do put in all the activities of the sale and after – sale services
2 – the development of human capital and promote and skill level of competence and personnel
3 – development and improve the equipment and physical spaces
4 – continuously improve the current processes
5 – an increase in sales market share and after – sale services in the region and province

In order to achieve appropriate effectiveness in terms of the quality of services , the management of the company , said commitment and its adherence to the principles of the quality management system , with all the proper implementation of the executive procedures and instructions to do things right and in the first stage and make continuous improvements in all activities, his commitment to ensure the quality of the show .

the management representative claimed responsibility for ensuring understood, implemented , the necessary review and update the quality policy .