Power distribution unit ( PDU )

PDU power distribution management device that has one input and multiple output power, often in the Rack and power supply for servers and network equipment used.

with a view to boosting the servers and multiplicity network equipment in data centres and server using the PDU is essential to manage the power consumption capacity network equipment .

PDU capabilities

1 – productivity and better than the power to provide data centers .
2 – PDU by the way, and can be a plan to clear and extinguishing equipment attached to them .
3 – of increasing electricity consumption devices connected to PDU before Fail device , and with the news of the creation of the event .
4 – some of the one – page Display PDU to display the amount of electricity and are indicators and management tools can be managed by SNMP protocol

Products of PDU

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PDU دستگاهی جهت مدیریت توزیع برق می باشد که دارای یک ورودی و خروجی های متعدد برق است ، که اغلب در داخل Rack و جهت تغذیه برق سرورها و تجهیزات شبکه مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.
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