UPS for medical Systems

The world of modern medicine in all stages of diagnosis , treatment and prevention , even certain mixture with disciplines and expertise , and in particular the power engineering , electronics and computer has found , as far as academic disciplines medical engineering in various fieldscompletely to use equipment , devices and electronic devices , and are dependent on a computer . Today, from a clinic and medical diagnosticlaboratory to medical imaging major centres and hospitals and medical research centres , without a sensitive equipment , and generally very hightechnology needed , will be able to provide services to patients . there is clear that the sensitivity of the story lives accuracy is affiliated to theequipment to provide appropriate service , requires a free from any disruption of electricity , and power outages . And with high sensitivity .

The company’s products with specific characteristics and technical specifications , we have been able to respond to the needs of many of its kind in the equipment and medical tools . So in this part of the proposals to try and associated with the use of the company’s products for electricityand appropriate for the systems .

Ups for ultrasound devices

ultrasound device imaging technique high frequency sound waves too fast for human ears are not audible . In this way, sound waves to the body , and sank after colliding with body tissue , reflected , and been paraded waves Sono re – by and by the computer monitors and become a picture on the device . in this device presented image quality is very important . Given that the situation in the performance of the input power is very influential device should be selected for this device to UPS enough respect for change , with a degree of probe devices for Sono , at a depth of body tissues may be certain of noise machine monitor appear on the quality of the noise and this affects the image . for the three – dimensional Doppler ultrasound machines , and the next four of the technologies UPS and 6000 5000 power should be used.

Ups for medical equipment

Today, technological progress made remarkable progress in the field of medical detection devices laboratory and , as the means of boosting the accuracy and fundamental role in diagnostic work . functioning properly laboratory equipment direct contact with the quality of electricity is the only entrance to ensure quality , and only put UPS with appropriate fabrication technology . Despite widespread laboratory equipment under a number of laboratory famous devices that need to be introduced to UPS are : tuberculosis kantars – incubator – spectrophotometer – chromatography.

Ups for operating room

The one of the most important and most basic parts of the hospital . operating the equipment used in this room with human life directly . , in a fit state power and the smallest time lag in power can impact on the performance of equipment and someone in the cause of death . One of the equipment is critical in the operating room, the use of UPS device . Overall all operating rooms equipped with a ventilator , electro – shock , anesthesia , oxygen apparatus , Coulter , syringe pump .

Ups for dental unit

Dental device which is operated by an electric current, the flow of liquid or air to launch a number of dental equipments and instruments used. Each unit generally consists of four parts: 1-seat, two-Box boxes and tablets, 3-pointers, 4 – cup filler, restrooms and suction is formed and this set contains at least one compressor device.