After – sale services

Section after – sale services Kian Sanat co. as one of the most powerful arms company and really key role in meeting the demands of customers in the field of services , and install devices sold to consumers . that in the end of the sector in the name of the direct impact of the company and will be a problem . One of the main objectives of after – sale services Kian Sanat co. alleviate the service time to customers in order to raise their consent to achieve this goal , and drawing great variety of solutions .

Also engineering company Kian sanat , benefiting from experienced staff and technical expert in after – sale services unit , trying to provide the best service ; support in this issue by launching an online system to respond quickly and accurately in case of technical problems for its clients . the company because of the sensitivity of the issues related to the after – sale services , issues of their clients in Tehran within a maximum 24 hours in the provinces and maximum 48 hours after the announcement by the customer problem . after – sale services unit in cooperation with the company’s business units in the field of supplying slaves and spare parts to try to repair a lot of engineering company barked at the site of a customer .

Because of the importance of continuous functioning servers and equipment , consumer unit of the company’s post – sale services , with service contracts and periodic services , customers in alternate seating and visited the service . periodic service allow partial failure before the overall performance of the system to be disturbed and carry out the required reforms hardware and software to optimize the performance of the machine . during the period , maintenance and service contract with regard to an agreement on the case to the long time repair, with the same trust device stoppage in consumer equipment to prevent the customer .

In order to correct action at the time of trouble, please first cases contained in the guide the device and fail to reach that end, the issue is one of the following ways to inform unit after – sale services company kian Sanaat respects :

at the site , in addition to the company’s phone support system , using qualified cadres trained , always answer all questions about the goods and services offered the company.