About us

Introduction and History

Iranian Kian Sanat co. by relying on the mercy and aimed at expanding the electricity industry and electronics and IT countries and to be with the slogan, we can take advantage of the managers of specialized in the field of skilled and trained HP servers , providing a variety of router and switch Cisco APC and selling products , and after – sale services all kinds of emergency power systems without interruption and sild working acid batteries , and of the specialized in the field of emergency power systems and industrial systems , and with the biggest center specialized repairs UPS and industrial standards in Iran said that the company’s employees to serve in the dear customers using years of experience in science workers linked to be formed .

The company to supply servers and powerful equipment HP and its activity APCs products and currently has one of the most complex and original hp apc products . It is worth mentioning that companies with a view to create jobs and to benefit from the relevant experts and specialists to form a network security department has continued to lead the presentation of the best services to its customers .

It was also noticed the basic needs of customers, planning to respond to the needs of the identified and eventually draw satisfaction and customer satisfaction us with respect to the goal was made investments , guarantee and after – sale services the company, in the level of the whole country is ready to serve the dear compatriots and users .

in the end the company hopes to benefit from the day of the world technologies and hardware from the powerful , original and brands, however small share put the world in promoting slogans we can and promoting informatics country.


our company , a group operating in the field of information technology and communications services with comprehensive data transfer of individuals and legal entities benefiting from technology and know – day, following the national and global standards , and interactive communication bed efficient human force to the lives of Ghana society .

Company goals

promotion to the top providers nationwide transferred to 2030 year with access to the following goals :

  • stability in providing and upgrade the level of service quality
  • optimum use of resources and possibilities
  • stability in the unified leadership intentions د
  • profitability and market share in the maximum data transmission services
  • the latest technology in developing systems and equipment
  • innovation in providing services to subscribers.
  • the needs and requirements of the information technology industry in the design, development and providing services
  • a national prize at the level of quality icon
  • learning, innovation and staff development
  • maintaining subscribers at the highest level of satisfaction.


our company dynamic organization by relying on the fundamental values and professional .
fundamental values honesty, trust and respect , healthy environment and friendly , order and discipline
professional values : customer focus, innovation and creativity , teamwork , learning and memory of

  • honesty , we ‘ll do the work .
  • the trust and respect for each other .
  • customer focus main axes decisions and actions .
  • A healthy working environment friendly and glory .
  • based on the progress of creativity and innovation in our focus .
  • duty and discipline, our culture .
  • Corporate decisions to believe and to achieve organizational objectives of our colleagues want help .
  • learning and memory of our duties .

Certificates and Awards