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What is it used UPS battery ?

The run-time for a battery-operated UPS depends on the type and size of batteries and rate of discharge, and the efficiency of the inverter. The
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Technologies of UPS

The three general categories of modern UPS systems are on-line, line-interactive and standby. An on-line UPS uses a "double conversion" method of accepting AC input,
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What is uninterruptible power supply(UPS)?

An UPS also uninterruptible power source, battery / flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power
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Sudden decrease or increase the voltage, frequency, distortion of the moment or permanently, urban power grids are examples of problems created on.
Advanced and sensitive electronic devices (such as computer systems, telecommunication equipment and medical) are sensitive to suit specific applications and needs essential equipment such as uninterrupted power supply and relatively accurate voltage and frequency to provide stable and reliable.
UPS to deal with electrical problems AC systems are designed and built. These devices can range from a few hundred volt ampere (VA) to protect ordinary personal computers to several million volt amperes (MVA) vote of computer and telecommunications centers and major industrial design are made and marketed.
Stabilizers electric device that automatically or AC voltage stabilizer voltage stabilizer or voltage regulator is called.
These changes can lead to damage to parts such as motors, compressors, power or ... the devices. In order to protect electrical appliances, especially refrigerators, TV LCD, LED, office equipment, medical equipment, lighting systems, safety systems, Air-conditioners, laundry service, audio-visual and computer systems and stabilizers should be used.
Stabilizers output power will be cut off only if the voltage is lower or higher than the permissible limit.
better server rack in place and gives the unit of measurement unit (unit), each unit is roughly equivalent to 5 cm. 4U to 47U rack size is usually between. Wall racks and stands are available in two varieties.
Wall rack usually has a height of 5, 6, 7, 9 units and most of it is used for placement of switches and routers.
Standing rack standard often are selected for placement in the data center. In this rack, all kinds of patch panels, switches, servers, UPS (UPS) and other Rkmvnt 19-inch pieces together are easier to manage, from above and below for a variety of input cables as well as from four sides open are. The rack height can be 16, 21, 28, 36, 40 and 44 is unit. And with a depth of 60, 80, 100 cm and more are produced.
Due to the increasing number of servers and network equipment in data centers and server rooms use the PDU and power consumption of network equipment is essential in order to manage capacity.
PDU features are as follows: 1. The management and better efficiency for data centers provide the power. 2. What can be arranged by the PDU and a program for turning on and off the connected equipment provided to them. 3. You can overload power consumption of devices connected to the PDU to the device Fail, with news and prevented the emergence of the event. 4. Some of the PDU has a Display screen to display the amount of electricity and its indexes are managed by means of SNMP protocol can be managed .
Data center to a set of advertising services, communication infrastructure / security and electronic equipment is said to provide, maintenance and support of network services are employed.
Today, with the increasing demands of various users of the service include equipment for data centers, information and space sensitive applications are completely safe and has the ability to expand.
Today, most organizations usually it's not important to set up a data center server backup I know,However, due to advances in technology and the information age have to use information technology that will be the importance of addressing the data center.
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که کارکنان این شرکت به صورت بی وقفه در خدمت مشتریان عزیز می باشد با استفاده از سالها تجربه کارکنان در علوم مرتبط شکل گرفت تا پیشگام باشد.

UPS شرکت فای نت با عرضه سرورها و تجهیزات قدرتمند اچ پی HP وProducts of ای پی سی فعالیعت خود را APCآغاز نموده . در حال حاضر دارای یکی از کامل ترین مجموعه Products of ارجینال اچ پی hp وای پی سی apc می باشد . همچنین شایان ذکر است این شرکت با هدف اشتغال زایی و با بهره مندی از کارشناسان و متخصصان مربوطه اقدام به تشکیل دپارتمان امنیت شبکه نموده است . تا همچنان پیشگام ارائه بهترین خدمات به مشتریان خود باشد. battery fiamm battery fiamm battery